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LMM3115  -   Mobile Radio

The LMM3115 is a 25 watts PEP mobile radio designed to operate on 5 kHz channel assignments. A modulation scheme named Linear Modulation is used, which is spectrally efficient and provides a medium well suited to the varying propagation effects (e.g. multipath and Doppler) encountered in a typical mobile environment. The radio is capable of both voice and data use, with data rates of up to 14.4 kbps achievable.

The LMM3115 operates in two frequency simplex modes on the 200 channels in the 220 MHz band, (221-222 MHz mobile transmit, 220-221 MHz mobile receive). The radio employs digital signaling and trunked operation using the Advanced Digital Network Trunking (ADNT) system, based on the UK specification MPT1327.

The LMM3115 provides the following features:

Status Calls
Call Stack
Emergency Calling
Group Calls
Individual Calls
Telephone Interconnect
Caller ID
RS 232 Port
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The radio is field programmable, allowing it to be customized for both the system it is to be used on and for the particular user. The mobile can withstand vibration, shock and temperature extremes typically encountered in a mobile environment. The unit consists of a die-cast alloy chassis and an injection molded ABS front panel display.

Data Facilities

The LMM3115 supports a number of different data facilities including control and communications via the serial port on the back of the unit.

Short Data Message Type 1 (SDM1)
These are two digit Status Messages that can be sent from the front panel of the display.

Long Data Messages (LDM)
These are messages up to 1200 bytes that are sent over a traffic channel in terminal mode.

High Speed Data
These are messages of a length limited only by call time that are sent over a traffic channel at speeds up to 14.4 kbps. Once a high-speed data call is set up, data can be both sent and received, depending whether the transceiver is in Tx or Rx mode.

LMP3215 Portable Radio

The LMP3215 is a new, feature-rich, highly advanced portable that has been specially developed for the 220 user. Its unique styling and rugged construction provides unparalleled reliability. Simple-to-use multi-functional controls, an alphanumeric backlit display and several battery choices that can provide up to a 12-hour duty cycle make this radio easy to use. Features included are emergency, status, identity calling and data facilities. The power output is also programmable from 0.1 to 5 watts in six steps.

Available accessories include battery charger, leather case, speaker microphone, antenna, and vehicle kit.

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Fast Data

The LMP3215 provides a fast 14.4 kbps, V32 modem data facility that utilizes state-of- the-art 128 QAM trellis coded modulation techniques. No forward error correction is used and real data throughputs are considerably faster than other systems. The data rates are dynamic in that they vary according to signal conditions, thus ensuring reliable data communications. The RS232 port enables instant connection to computing and data terminals such as palmtops, laptops, PDAs and bar code readers.